SDG4: Access to Basic Adult Education

SDG4: Access to Basic Adult Education



All South Africans have a right to basic education yet many have not had the privilege of enjoying this right. In March 2019, Western Cape Community Education and Training College (WCCETC) launched a satellite hub in Westlake.


They offer adult learners the opportunity to access evening classes to enable them to learn basic literacy/numeracy skills, complete their matric levels and various other qualifications.

The salaries of the facilitators, venue hire etc. are covered by WCCETC. However, there is currently a cash-flow challenge and Xchange Connexion is asking Partners to support this Program where they can.

Up until the COVID-19 Lockdown, the Program was operating out of Westlake United Church Trust (WUCT). However, since the Lockdown they’ve been unable to do so due to WUCT needing the space to ensure their own programs can run with social distancing requirements. The adult classes are currently taking place on a Westlake resident’s verandah but there are limited resources/structure in place.

The adult education program is very much needed in Westlake and Xchange Connexion and our Partners are committed to supporting it despite all the challenges it faces.

To pivot the Program during COVID-19 Lockdown we need to purchase the following items:
  • COVID-19 Safety equipment including:
  • Thermometer for testing attendees
  • Visor masks for facilitators
  • Masks for each student (already donated by Ubuntu Baba)
  • 75% alcohol Sanitizers
Cloths to wipe down surfaces
  • To support the classes we need to purchase:
  • Flip board stands and pads
  • Marker pens
  • Notepads and pens

Ward 71, Cape Town