SDG2: COVID-19 Disaster Response Program W71CT

SDG2: COVID-19 Disaster Response Program W71CT

Helping our most vulnerable neighbours during the COVID-19 Lockdown 

Project Overview
During the COVID-19 Lockdown, we anticipate many of our marginalised neighbours will be at risk of starvation. Those with piecemeal jobs will be unable to work during lockdown. Whilst Provincial funding will accommodate 50000 people for households infected with Covid-19 and those already on registered relief programs, many will not qualify for this support.

Westlake Village is the biggest impoverished community in Ward 71, Cape Town. It is not deemed to be an informal settlement despite large numbers of ‘backyard dwellers’. It has an estimated 12 000 to 15 000 people and makes up about 50% of the total Ward 71, Cape Town population.

Project Objective & Beneficiary Criteria

  • Identify and vet all vulnerable beneficiaries
  • Provide one meal a day to the most vulnerable in Westlake and in wider Ward 71, Cape Town e.g. Bosdorp (an ex forestry village).
  • Through physical donations add an extra item with high nutritional/personal safety value to each pack
  • Criteria – beneficiaries must have no access to food resources or finances for food
Surety and good governance

The initiative follows all principles of good governance. All funds are accounted for and accounts are available for inspection.

Sharing Our Ubuntu Legacy Western Cape Trust (“SOUL) is a registered Trust with PBO status - registration number IT959/2013
Section 18A certificates are available on proof of payment.

Key Risks

  • Lack of Business and Residence Partner support: the DisasterResponse W71CT is dependent on funding, sponsorship and donations from business and residence partners
  • Lack of organisational Partner buy-in: the success of the DisasterResponse W71CT is dependent on non-profits, local government and community organisation support
Section 18A / BBBEE Points
This project qualifies for Section 18A Certificates but not BBBEE Points.

Funds In R470,158.70xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Funds Out R461,393.52
Available Balance for Programas at 29 July 2020  R8,765.18

Impact Report Stats as at 29 July 2020

Meal Packs delivered Meals Bread Masks Sanitizers Communities Households Supported
6,100 167,244 650 174 900 2 500






Ward 71, Cape Town