SDG4: Toy&Book Xchange Program W71CT

SDG4: Toy&Book Xchange Program W71CT

Providing educational toys and reading resources to the vulnerable4 and marginalised Learning Centres and Safe-houses of Ward 71, Cape Town


Story 1: Lydia runs a non-registered early childhood development centre in Westlake. With limited space, she’s unable to stock many toys or books for the 30-plus children that attend her centre. As a registered #LoveWard Early Childhood Development Centre Partner, Lydia is able to access the toyXchange and bookXchange to swap her toys and reading materials every 2nd week, providing her centre with fresh resources to entertain and educate the children.

Story 2: Elizabeth runs a non-registered safe-house where young children spend their days. Elizabeth is not a trained early childhood development facilitator and does not have any resources to stimulate the children. With limited funds and space, Elizabeth is unable to access or stock many toys for the 8 babies that she cares for. As a registered #LoveWard Safe-house Partner, Elizabeth is able to access the toyXchange to swap her toys every 2nd week, providing her and the children with educational resources.

Project Overview
This Project is driven by Sharing Our Ubuntu Legacy Western Cape Trust (SOUL), a registered non-profit Trust. SOUL’s W71CT Resource & Xchange Centre in Westlake will run the Toy&Book Xchange Project in partnership with Xchange Connexion.
During Lockdown, the Project will deliver boxes of essential items to Beneficiary Partners who are complying with the criteria. After Lockdown, the Project will use donated wheeled-suitcases filled with educational resources to make pre-packed cases that the Partners can swop every 2nd week. The bookXchange Project will provide a library of children’s books and learning resources for #LoveWard Early Childhood Development Centre and Safe-House Partners.

Focus Areas

  • advocacy to get books, donated toys and educational resources for the toyXchange Project
  • advocacy to get COVID-19 Safety Protocol Resources
  • ensuring COVID-19 Safety Protocols
Key Risks:
  • Sustainability: the toyXchange and bookXchange Project is dependent on receiving good quality donations in steady quantities
  • Lack of Buy-in: the toyXchange and bookXchange Project is dependent on marginalised early Early Childhood Development Centres and Safe-houses signing up to access the resources




Ward 71, Cape Town