SDG12: SOUL's Resource & Xchange Centre

SDG12: SOUL's Resource & Xchange Centre

Story 1: Libby is a 40-year old mother of 4, whose husband walked out on the family. Libby never finished her schooling and can barely read or write, she works as a domestic cleaner 6 days a week and cannot afford new clothes or shoes for her children. Libby is a regular at the W71CT Resource and Xchange Centre, looking for good quality second-hand clothes and shoes she can afford to purchase for herself and her children.

Story 2: Cecily is a 68-year old grandmother and widow and a Community Ambassador Partner on SOUL’s Xchange Program. By working on approved community projects and earning Xchange Points for doing so, Cecily is able to use these Points to get goods at the W71CT Resource and Xchange Centre and is empowered knowing she earned her Points uplifting herself and her community.

The Resource & Xchange Centre is run by Sharing Our Ubuntu Legacy Western Cape Trust (SOUL), a registered non-profit Trust. SOUL’s W71CT Resource & Xchange Centre is based in Westlake and makes good quality second-hand goods available to impoverished members of our community for reasonable prices. Funds raised from sales are used towards the Centre’s rent, team salaries and the Centre’s basic operating costs. In addition to being able to purchase the goods for cash, individuals registered on the Ambassador Xchange Programs can use the Xchange Points they earn to access goods in the Centre. The Centre also uses the goods to provide for registered vulnerable members of Ward 71CT and for fire victims through the DisasterResponse W71CT Project.

Focus Areas

  • advocacy to change how we do aid in South Africa
  • partnership with Xchange Connexion to develop the Xchange Program infrastructure to support the new aid model
  • Partnership with Xchange Connexion Disaster Response Partners
  • SOUL manages the collecting, sorting and distributing of donations.

Key Risks

  • Security of the Centre: the W71CT Resource and Xchange Centre is in a high-crime risk area
  • Theft: working in an impoverished community means theft is common
  • Sustainability: the Centre is dependent on receiving good quality donations in steady quantities, customers who can afford to purchase the goods and Business and Residence partners sponsoring community upliftment hours



Ward 71, Cape Town