Xchange Connexion's Value Xchange Platform plays an integral role in our Community Resilience Program for Ward 71, Cape Town which includes parts of Bergvliet, Constantia, Kirstenhof, Lakeside, Steenberg, Tokai and Westlake. 

COVID-19 has had a negative impact at every level of our economy - global, national and local - and highlighted the need for us to build resilency measures into our local economies. We have been presented with an opportunity to rethink and rebuild our local economies and become less dependent on outside support by increasing the resilience of our community ecosystem from within. 

We need to change our belief that money is the sole acceptable medium for exchanging value. If we do that, we neglect the numerous other meaningful ways we can connect and share.  

This is the where our Value Xchange Platform comes in.  It enables our #LoveWard Partners to connect and collaborate together by exchanging Skills, Time, Goods or Services.

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary collaborations


*** LAUNCHING 14 August 2020 ***


Ward 71, Cape Town